Blogging 101: 3 Do’s & Don’ts

“Ouch…” The ominous title to one of my first ever blog posts. “Tried to barehand a flyball today. Worst case scenario: Root canal.” Another gem from 14-year-old-blogger-me: “Does anybody want to buy me a package of two-hundred fifty-three thousand four-hundred and twenty-nine glow in the dark frisbee’s? I’d be much obliged. I can’t even begin … Continue reading “Blogging 101: 3 Do’s & Don’ts”

My 200th post!

NOW can I call myself a writer? What passion of yours do you discredit because you haven’t done it long enough, well enough, fast enough, professionally enough, famously enough? The thing that bubbles up from deep inside your soul is YOU, whether a thousand people know it or just you. If you ever, ever, ever … Continue reading “My 200th post!”

Life’s Not All a Concert

I’ve had a dream since childhood of performing piano in front of a crowd. I imagine playing so beautifully and masterfully that it captivates the listeners. What’s an impressive skill or feat you dream of? What would your big talent show moment look like? I daydream of being fluent in a bunch of languages, too. … Continue reading “Life’s Not All a Concert”