“Come See Me in My Office”

The dreaded invitation. “Come see me in my office.” When you’re the one inviting, here are a few truths to remember… Your employee didn’t wake up this morning intending to make life miserable for you or anyone else. Your employee is trying. If not, there’s a much deeper problem that’s been simmering for a long time. Your … Continue reading ““Come See Me in My Office””

Life’s Not All a Concert

I’ve had a dream since childhood of performing piano in front of a crowd. I imagine playing so beautifully and masterfully that it captivates the listeners. What’s an impressive skill or feat you dream of? What would your big talent show moment look like? I daydream of being fluent in a bunch of languages, too. … Continue reading “Life’s Not All a Concert”

Rip the Band-Aid Off

My manager recently sat down with me and expressed concern that I just didn’t seem like myself lately. She said I hadn’t seemed as happy and carefree as usual over the last few weeks. And she was worried it might be rubbing off on others. Her concern was completely fair, and I think we got … Continue reading “Rip the Band-Aid Off”

If another human can…

I’d like to be a professional writer and public speaker who helps make the world a better place. BUT. I’m SCARED. I’m scared that I don’t have what it takes. So I often find myself giving up. I hold myself back. Out of fear. Do you ever find you’re not trying because you don’t want … Continue reading “If another human can…”

Watching the clock

Almost done with work. Almost the weekend. Almost time to eat. Almost time to go. Almost bed time. Almost done with this workout. Almost done with classes. Then, it will be better. Someday. When all the stars have aligned, our lives will begin. In that perfect moment, we’ll be alive. We’ll be happy. We’ll want to … Continue reading “Watching the clock”

Cover Up or Own Up?

When you feel you’ve done something wrong at work–made a mistake, compromised your integrity, failed to deliver, hurt somebody–what do you do? Step one is honestly evaluating. Did I do something wrong? Did I make a mistake? How did this happen? Step two is the one that we always screw up. Usually, we wait. Hold our breath. Brush it … Continue reading “Cover Up or Own Up?”

Why Can’t You Talk About It?

Countless times, I’ve heard people say “I can’t say it” or “I can’t talk about it”–or worst of all, “I’m not supposed to tell anyone.” Who says??? With a very few obvious exceptions (like corporate information that makes your company competitive or like national security and military secrets), you CAN talk about anything you feel you … Continue reading “Why Can’t You Talk About It?”

Urgent vs important

Can you imagine the feeling, finishing up a task, sitting back, and thinking to yourself, “Hmm… I literally have nothing left to do today!” That would be really weird, right??? Life just needs to slow down. Right? But I have a hundred things to do today. So much to catch up on. So much to … Continue reading “Urgent vs important”


When you accomplish or get something by putting people at risk, when you could accomplish or get it through a little more effort or sacrifice without putting people at risk–that is not called being productive, successful, or thrifty. In my opinion, that is just called being lazy and selfish. Some situations are sticky because life isn’t … Continue reading “Ethics”

Standing up to bullying

You don’t need to be strong to stand up to bullying. You don’t need to be confident to stand up to bullying. It’s okay if your hands are shaking and you’re choking up. It’s okay if you are panicking. It’s okay if you have to write yourself a script and practice your words a bunch … Continue reading “Standing up to bullying”