2 Salespeople

In every sale there are at least two parties doing the selling.

The “sales” professional pitches the product. He lists its benefits, excuses its weaknesses, and pushes the customer to buy.

But he doesn’t ultimately “sell” the product. Sure he helps, but he doesn’t change the customer’s mind, and he doesn’t make the customer’s decision.

The second salesperson is the customer. And he’s the one who decides the sale and closes the deal.

The customer has different ultimate concerns than the salesperson: The customer thinks, “Is this product good for me?” while the salesperson thinks “How much money can I make selling this product?”

An effective sales professional puts himself in his customer’s shoes so that he can get inside his customer’s head. He asks himself not, “Why do I think he should buy this?” but, “Why would he think he should buy this?”

Because your customer will never care why you think he should buy your product.