overwhelm & burnout

Urgent vs important

Can you imagine the feeling, finishing up a task, sitting back, and thinking to yourself, “Hmm… I literally have nothing left to do today!” That would be really weird, right??? Life just needs to slow down. Right? But I have a hundred things to do today. So much to catch up on. So much to … Continue reading “Urgent vs important”

From 1 to 92

and so I’m offering this simple phrase to kids from one to ninety-two The Christmas Song One of my earliest vivid memories, marked by the musty smell of old books in the college library: Two fellow professors stopped my dad and struck up a conversation. They held their briefcases and said big sentences to each … Continue reading “From 1 to 92”

Before you break down

You hit a wall, so you start doing “self-care.” Quiet time, journaling, fresh air, running, couch time, cookies, lots of bed, therapy, warm baths, PTO days, sharing your sadness with a friend. . . . It becomes a top priority in your schedule because it has to, because you’re breaking down. Are you allowed to … Continue reading “Before you break down”

Your disappearing place

Where is your disappearing place? What place makes you remember your freedom, your self, your own breath? Where can you truly feel “away from it all” for a soul-filling minute?

Slowly but surely

Life happens slowly. Painfully slowly. Today I feel like I’ll never have the things I want. And lots of voices tell me I should or could already have them, and make me feel even worse. (#socialmedia) But things take time and money and hard, hard work. And patience. And perspective. When I look back at … Continue reading “Slowly but surely”

It always works out*

*Okay, life doesn’t always work out. Sometimes there’s just something truly tragic. But I’d venture to say that 95% of the time we think that life has taken such a bad turn that things just won’t work out–we end up being wrong. Try taking an inventory of your own experiences. They usually worked out–didn’t they? … Continue reading “It always works out*”

You vs You-with

A scientific study published in 1999 examined how we are affected by listening to others’ opinions about us: First, Asian women were given a math test to do after reminders of the negative stereotype that women are bad at math. Later, Asian women were given a math test to do after reminders of the positive … Continue reading “You vs You-with”

Our Blindspot

At a public speaking contest I led last week, I got to ask several people to give impromptu speeches to answer a question. They all got the same question. And I got to pick it! I consider myself a very positive person. But I have to admit, I have a little cynical streak. Just a … Continue reading “Our Blindspot”


How often do you stop struggling for a minute? We’re halfway through 2020. What have you learned so far about just sitting with things that just ARE, no matter whether you’d like them to be or not? Can you show up for the reality you’re actually in? Stop and breathe for a minute.

Put the shampoo bottle down

Do you remember having to take naps as a kid? Being forced to just lay there in silence for hours! Okay, probably like 30 minutes, but it felt like eternity. Do you remember the sound that silence made after a while? Like a wave or white noise machine, that deafening, on-going whoosh type noise. Almost as if you … Continue reading “Put the shampoo bottle down”


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H. P. Lovecraft “Change.” It’s so hard that there are books and seminars and coaches all dedicated to helping people with “change management.” It’s also 100% inevitable. Why is it that when … Continue reading “Uncertainty”

Everything else

There are always 2 categories: What you’re focusing on right now Everything else Category #1 always looks bigger and seems to matter more. But category #2 will always be bigger, and there are almost always lots of things in category #2 that matter a lot more.   When you’re focused on a stress at work, … Continue reading “Everything else”