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We made that up

How are you doing? Are you exhausted? Like deep in your soul, exhausted? I have some thoughts. We made up that you have to text someone back. We made up that you’re supposed to be positive all the time. We made up that you’re supposed to eat three meals a day. We made up that … Continue reading “We made that up”

Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019! Last year I wrote that I thought that year was the oddest year of my life. I was wrong. This year. 100%. Odd isn’t bad, though. I have a lot to be thankful for. There’s all the usual, but there are some things I’m especially, newly thankful for this year. An odd … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving 2019!”

Sad People

“Eeyore, the old grey Donkey, stood by the side of the stream, and looked at himself in the water.‘Pathetic,’ he said. ‘That’s what it is. Pathetic.’He turned and walked slowly down the stream for twenty yards, splashed across it, and walked slowly back on the other side. Then he looked at himself in the water … Continue reading “Sad People”

Love is it.

It’s a new year, and I’m sitting at a coffee shop thinking about what I want to do as a writer this year. I want to grow. I want to get better at writing. I want to make more of an impact. I want to take it seriously. I want to chase the dreams I … Continue reading “Love is it.”


Sometimes the things you’re afraid to let people see because you think they’ll judge you end up being the very things they really love about you.

My Little Broken Buddha

My best friend gave me a little figurine of a meditating Buddha. Its head was still on. I meditate and I really like Buddhism. In a nutshell to me, it’s about letting go of our need for things to be just-so. Our first big excursion to the mountains since my last concussion, a long road … Continue reading “My Little Broken Buddha”

The problem with growing up

I feel compelled to be grown up all the way. But the problem is I get really happy every time I look down and see my blue sneakers with their yellow-green laces.


To my friend Peter F.You’re one of the tenderest souls the world has known.Be at peace.~ Death is yucky. It’s been on my mind this year. A lot. One of my first, best work-buddies died suddenly the other day. His name was Peter, too, and we used to set up a cup across the room … Continue reading “Death”

Does today count?

Does today need a certain quality, a certain worthwhileness, before it really counts? You know the days that count. When you trekked the windy miles to that mountain peak. When you started that job you’d been studying for and searching for since you were 20. When you cheers’d a glass of wine over a fancy … Continue reading “Does today count?”


Waddling’s the word for the way Willoughby walked. Willoughwaddles. He was an old man when we adopted him. But as slowly and arthritically as he moved 95% of the time, he was still ready for an occasional mad dash when we played hide and seek, or to stand his ground like the Rock of Gibraltar … Continue reading “Willoughwaves”