Slowly but surely

Life happens slowly. Painfully slowly. Today I feel like I’ll never have the things I want. And lots of voices tell me I should or could already have them, and make me feel even worse. (#socialmedia) But things take time and money and hard, hard work. And patience. And perspective. When I look back at … Continue reading “Slowly but surely”

Life’s Not All a Concert

I’ve had a dream since childhood of performing piano in front of a crowd. I imagine playing so beautifully and masterfully that it captivates the listeners. What’s an impressive skill or feat you dream of? What would your big talent show moment look like? I daydream of being fluent in a bunch of languages, too. … Continue reading “Life’s Not All a Concert”

7 Ways Meditating Has Helped Me

I love meditation. But I feel like that’s a strange sentence. It’s kind of like saying “I love sports.” There are a million different kinds of meditation: Body scan, mindfulness, mantra, loving kindness, transcendental, breathing, visualization, contemplative, affirmations, etc. Meditations ranges from the very scientific to the very spiritual, from the very basic to the … Continue reading “7 Ways Meditating Has Helped Me”

Accept your pendulum

When we humans grow, we tend to resemble pendulums. If we were too this, we become, for a time, too that. And then we may become too this again, but a little less. And so the pendulum swings. It just happens. We cannot stop abruptly in the center, perfectly balanced, on the first go-round. Growth is messy. Your pendulum may … Continue reading “Accept your pendulum”

Urgent vs important

Can you imagine the feeling, finishing up a task, sitting back, and thinking to yourself, “Hmm… I literally have nothing left to do today!” That would be really weird, right??? Life just needs to slow down. Right? But I have a hundred things to do today. So much to catch up on. So much to … Continue reading “Urgent vs important”

Put the shampoo bottle down

Do you remember having to take naps as a kid? Being forced to just lay there in silence for hours! Okay, probably like 30 minutes, but it felt like eternity. Do you remember the sound that silence made after a while? Like a wave or white noise machine, that deafening, on-going whoosh type noise. Almost as if you … Continue reading “Put the shampoo bottle down”

Living for more time

Time is a weird and inevitable thing. If we get to the end of our lives having spent the whole thing fighting time, we will have lost. If we spend our days wishing we were younger, refusing to accept changes, we will always be feeling hurt and scared and defeated. If our deepest need is … Continue reading “Living for more time”

Why Feeling Fake is GOOD

Change is uncomfortable. And if you don’t feel uncomfortable with yourself, you probably aren’t changing and growing. Here’s what I mean: Last weekend I got to participate in a workshop for couples that included discussion of conflict resolution. Everyone got to practice a specific formula that can help to de-escalate a situation and arrive at … Continue reading “Why Feeling Fake is GOOD”

If another human can…

I’d like to be a professional writer and public speaker who helps make the world a better place. BUT. I’m SCARED. I’m scared that I don’t have what it takes. So I often find myself giving up. I hold myself back. Out of fear. Do you ever find you’re not trying because you don’t want … Continue reading “If another human can…”

Rip the Band-Aid Off

My manager recently sat down with me and expressed concern that I just didn’t seem like myself lately. She said I hadn’t seemed as happy and carefree as usual over the last few weeks. And she was worried it might be rubbing off on others. Her concern was completely fair, and I think we got … Continue reading “Rip the Band-Aid Off”