grief & loss


Waddling’s the word for the way Willoughby walked. Willoughwaddles. He was an old man when we adopted him. But as slowly and arthritically as he moved 95% of the time, he was still ready for an occasional mad dash when we played hide and seek, or to stand his ground like the Rock of Gibraltar … Continue reading “Willoughwaves”


I don’t have many words these days. Life goes on, when someone you love dies, and that’s so frustrating. I want the world to stop for a minute. Or at least I want to take a step away from it all for a minute, but unfortunately I still have to get groceries and go to … Continue reading “Willoughby”

My Little Broken Buddha

My best friend gave me a little figurine of a meditating Buddha. Its head was still on. I meditate and I really like Buddhism. In a nutshell to me, it’s about letting go of our need for things to be just-so. Our first big excursion to the mountains since my last concussion, a long road … Continue reading “My Little Broken Buddha”


To my friend Peter F.You’re one of the tenderest souls the world has known.Be at peace.~ Death is yucky. It’s been on my mind this year. A lot. One of my first, best work-buddies died suddenly the other day. His name was Peter, too, and we used to set up a cup across the room … Continue reading “Death”

Living for more time

Time is a weird and inevitable thing. If we get to the end of our lives having spent the whole thing fighting time, we will have lost. If we spend our days wishing we were younger, refusing to accept changes, we will always be feeling hurt and scared and defeated. If our deepest need is … Continue reading “Living for more time”

Why Halloween

I think Halloween is an underappreciated Holiday. Not in every way. It’s many people’s favorite, because how fun to dress up, etc. But I mean what Halloween is actually about–the stuff of life behind the Holiday that the day puts us in touch with, even if accidentally and only a little bit. “The farther we’ve … Continue reading “Why Halloween”

This WEIRD Weekend

There is still that soft breeze you can feel touching your skin and blowing gently through your hair when you go outside. There is still that song that moves you deep inside every time you hear it. There is still that cup of coffee you make in the morning, the exact way you like to … Continue reading “This WEIRD Weekend”