Leaders, Treat Your People Well Because…

Research overwhelmingly supports the theory that giving your people the very best treatment is good for your bottom line. Investing more in making your people happy bears great returns long term.

So we treat our people well because that way we will be richer. And there is nothing wrong with that.

May I just suggest the idea that we should also treat people well just because they are people?!

“[Managers must realize] the almost sacredness of their responsibility for the lives of so many people. [Managers’ fundamental task is] providing the enabling conditions for people to lead the most enriching lives they can.” – Bill O’Brien, Former President of Hanover Insurance

I feel there is a necessary disclaimer: Treating people well doesn’t mean being a pushover. As a leader, you can give someone the worst news (e.g. “I don’t think this job is a good fit for you”) and still be treating them well. (In fact it helps that the best business decisions seem to align with the long term health of everyone involved.)

Treating people well means genuinely caring about them, prioritizing their needs and desires, doing what you can to help them, and always giving them respect. And if you’re only doing that when it’s expedient, then it’s not real care. And you can’t hide that from your people forever.


“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” – Samuel Johnson

Author: Peter Elbridge

I have a passion for helping others, and that is why I write. I believe that sharing our experiences and discoveries in life is the best way to make a difference. After all, we're all in this together. (My opinions and endorsements are my own and do not represent my employer.)

One thought on “Leaders, Treat Your People Well Because…”

  1. I am currently working as a regional teller and I work for about 10 different branches which means I also deal with 10 different leaders, each obviously different from the next. It is amazing how much more productive I feel when I am in a branch that I feel good about being at!

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