3 Questions You Should Ask Before Work Today

Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself these 3 questions.

What habit am I going to break today that will increase my success?

What personal trait am I going to focus on developing today that will increase my success?

What conversation am I going to have today that will increase my success?

Now write down your answers, bring them with you to work, and add those 3 items to your day’s agenda.


What if we wrote our to-do lists with the big picture in mind? What if they looked like this

  • Send 3 co-workers encouraging notes.
  • Stay off Facebook till 5PM.
  • Focus today on asking clients questions that uncover their decision-making process?

just as much as they look like this?

  • Finish writing reviews.
  • Call Mary back.
  • Make 5 prospecting calls.


Look at yesterday’s to-do list. Does it look like it was written by an ambitious and intentional visionary or by someone just hoping to maintain job security?

Are you working on getting through the day or are you working on becoming the happy, excellent, successful person you dream of being?

Author: Peter Elbridge

I have a passion for helping others, and that is why I write. I believe that sharing our experiences and discoveries in life is the best way to make a difference. After all, we're all in this together. (My opinions and endorsements are my own and do not represent my employer.)

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