Coolest Reason to Do Public Speaking

A while ago a member of my Toastmasters club was asked to give an impromptu on why he wanted to do public speaking. His answer was one of the coolest I’ve ever heard.

His first language is Korean, and delivering a smooth speech in unbroken English is still quite a challenge for him. So he explained: Public speaking was one of his greatest fears. He didn’t like it, didn’t feel comfortable, didn’t feel safe.

And that’s why he does it.

He does it because it’s a fear and a challenge. And why not practice beating your fears and challenges?

Author: Peter Elbridge

I am a lifelong learner and avid reader, which translates into doing smart work for myself, my team, and my clients. I have a passion for effective leadership and an even bigger passion for helping others do and feel better. I have a lot of experience in communication, public speaking, and writing. Above all, I have a deep and genuine care for every life I touch. That's why I write. (My opinions and endorsements are my own and do not represent my employer.)

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